RESonate Tool

The RESonate Tool is an automated GIS-based process designed for ArcGIS and FLDPLN (also available for download) that enables the rapid collection and processing of GIS data sources and geomorphic variable extraction. These variables embody fundamental geologic, climatic, and topographic characteristics of riverine landscapes, that can be quantified using freely available geospatial datasets, and are thought to be an ideal minimum set of variables to identify distinct river valley scale differences within a watershed.

FPZ_WEB_THUMBThe RESonate tool and methodology is available by downloading the following files and documents:

RESonate Tool Package

RESonate User Manual

RESonate Read Me

RESonate Support Tools


The Valley Floor Mapper V1.0 (FLDPLN) is a critical part of the RESonate Tool and must be downloaded separately from the package above.